Golden Tee 2010 is HERE!

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The always highly anticipated new year of Golden Tee has arrived!  September 29 marks the release of Golden Tee Live 2010 in many locations, with the rest of the world catching up whenever your vendor gets the software installed!  So what’s new in Golden Tee 2010?  I’m glad you asked!

First, view the trailer for the new release, and see how many things you can catch!

With this update, the faces of some of Golden Tee’s current living legends have now been incorporated into the game!  Jim Nantz and Peter Jacobsen have added a ton of new commentary to the game as well.  We as players have wanted this for a long time, and Golden Tee 2010 delivers!

UPDATE — B MAN gives us some screen shots of the holes on Bella Toscana — pause after each one to study it in a bit more detail!  He apologizes for the delay in the middle from like 0.23 to 0.48, but it’s great to get a look at some of those holes — click here to check them out!

Now, what are some of the pros saying who have been lucky enough to pilot the 2010 courses early on?  Click here to get some early reviews!

As more 2010 features are revealed, I’ll be updating this post with the latest news!  So, check back here periodically as we eagerly await the release of Golden Tee 2010!

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  1. I look forward to cussing out the great wall of China!

  2. i just look forward to playing!!! I had a chance to play on one of the machines that are stand alone base with the high-def tv hanging on the wall in front of you, and I have to say that that was my greatest golden tee experience to date…. It was the 2009 courses, and about 2 weeks ago. But, I’ve been informed that they have already updated it to 2010, so I’m getting my ass over there to play asap!!!! 🙂

    -Snut aka SATAN!! (golden tee name)

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