Best Virtual Balls for Amateurs in 2011

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By now you’ve probably seen the grid that the guys at IT put together to compare Distance, Backspin, Curve and Loft for all available virtual balls in Golden Tee 2011. It’s certainly a nice resource, but it might scare you away from trying different types of balls if you establish an opinion based solely on those numbers. My buddy Juan Schwartz took to the course to give six of the longer distance balls a test drive, and the results should help you even more when matching a ball with your club set!

Here are his notes — notice how many of these differ from the published ratings:

Spinnys hook 50% more than Hurtle, Streak, and Maniax (conclusion — amateurs shouldn’t use these since they are hard to control)
Straight Jackets hook 50% less (making this ball virtually unusable as well, since A1s and C3s act more like B1s and B3s) and also appear to go lower than Hurtle and Streak.

**At this point, we can eliminate these two from being good options. Now let’s take a look at the Trackers, Maniax, Hurtles and Streaks.

They all appear to go the same distance when teed high.
Tracker has a slightly lower trajectory than the other three.
Hurtles go a tad further on thumb shots and have noticeably more backspin than Maniax.
Maniax actually appear to travel the same distance as Trackers.
Streaks and Hurtles appear close to the same in most aspects (except for the Streaks having a lot less backspin and roll, actually making them the balls to use when using the Ripper clubs), while Maniax and Trackers also seem to be about the same.

Applying these notes to the base ratings from Golden Tee, we now find that the balls compare more closely to the ratings below:

Distance Backspin Curve Loft
Hurtle 10 5 5 5
Maniax 8.5 4 6 6
Tracker 8 5 5 4
Streak 10 3 5 5

CONCLUSION — Everyone with a handicap of +22 or worse should stick with the Hawk clubs and the Hurtle balls for all 5 courses in 2011 since they offer the best ratings for distance, control and consistency.

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