Buzzsaw Set (Formerly 2008 APEX FTX Club Set (Low Loft))

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This set of clubs introduced in 2008 Golden Tee includes low-lofted clubs that help fight wind and increase distance. Here are the golf clubs included in this set and the relative distance:

Low-loft driver:310
3 Wood:275
4 Wood:260
1 Iron:250
2 Iron:225
3 Iron:200
5 Iron:160
6 Iron:150
7 Iron:140
8 Iron:125
9 Iron:100
Sand Wedge:60
Lob Wedge:40

Advantages: You can get great distance off the tee and from the fairway with the low-loft driver and 3 other clubs that travel 250+ yards. The sand wedge and lob wedge are great for shorter chips.

Disadvantages: Missing a 4-iron creates a big 40-yard gap, and you’ll often wish you had that club. There’s another big 40-yard gap between the 9-iron and sand wedge, so you’ll have some difficult “feel” chips with your 9-iron. You won’t be able to create quite as much spin either with this set. Finally, be careful with the 1-iron, which barely gets off the ground (very low loft).

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  1. Starting to like this set wish I could trade my 6 for a 4 though

  2. where will you post 2009 clubs or are they posted somewhere else

  3. The 2009 clubs will be posted in this section — sorry that I have not updated it yet!

  4. what is elo ranking is there a ranking list out there and you can look at.

  5. Here’s a link that helps — it’s rarely used and not paid much attention to, so don’t worry a whole lot about it:

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