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Want to blast 400+ yard drives?  Sure, you can do it with stock clubs and balls with the right conditions and proper A1/C3 technique, but obtaining the right equipment is one way to automatically add 50 yards or more off the tee.  Let’s break it down, starting with the longest drivers amongst all the available club sets.

Currently there are 4 club sets featuring a 310-yard driver:
2010 Callaway FtiQ (9.5 degrees)
2010 X-22 Tour (9 degrees)
2009 Big Bertha (9 degrees)
2008 APEX FTX (low-loft)

First off, for straight shots off the tee, the D2 Distance (red box) balls from 2010 are the best.  B2 hammer shots with these balls add 50 yards to your drive, so even though the distance indicator still only says 310, you’ll easily be over 400 yards using these balls with any driver above.

When you combine any of these drivers with the other longest virtual balls in the game (2007 TL Distance (Blue box) or 2008 XL Extreme Distance (Yellow balls, red box)), your dynamic distance indicator will already be showing 326 off the tee!  These balls add distance but don’t curve as well.  Breaking it down a little further, the low-loft club set (2008 APEX FTX) probably gives you the best distance across all clubs in the set.

Okay, so we’ve talked about distance on straight shots, but you can get even more distance using different equipment and hitting A1 or C3 shots off the tee.  Using clubs and balls that create maximum spin upon contact creates the longest A1/C3 shots.

The 2008 APEX PLUS and 2010 X-22 Tour clubs generate a ton of spin on curve shots.  If you were to combine these clubs with the 2007 Quartz balls or the D2 Feels, you would get sick, uncontrollable spin on your shots and could generate some massive distance in the process.  However, you probably wouldn’t be able to hold any greens because backspin or roll would react too aggressively.

Ever hear of the pros playing the “funbag”?  Well the original funbag is the 2008 APEX PLUS clubs with the 2008 XL Extreme Distance (yellow, red box) balls.  This combination creates tremendous distance off the tee because you’ve combined high-spin clubs with distance balls, and pros can really crank out long drives with this set.  There’s actually a “Funbag 2.0” version now consisting of the 2010 X-22 Tour clubs and these same balls, and some pros prefer this set because it offers a lob wedge.  WARNING — newer players should probably not be using these combos, because it’s still  difficult to hold greens with the excessive backspin and roll (although the balls cancel out some of the spin from the club, making them manageable).  It’s fun to crank drives off the tee though if you’re just playing around!

Finally, every now and then there are holes that can give you a “ramp” effect for super distance.  You’ll know it when it happens — the ball seems to jump off a ramp (usually in the fairway) gaining a lot of extra yardage.  Some confirmed ramping holes are Heather Pointe #8 (lower fairway), Kangaroo #15, Summit Lakes #8, Sunny #13 (C3), Savannah #10 (can drive green with ramp!), Southern #13 (can drive almost 500 yards with an A1 ramp!), and Bella #9 (I’ve seen a 480 that didn’t stay on the fairway).  I’ve also heard of a 1-iron going 417 after being skipped off the water in GT 2005.   There’s also Whispering #8 (one went over 600 that landed in the water), that way uphil par 5 on Glacier (saw a buddy who was goin over 600 and slammed the last tree at the top) and the infamous Summit hole that had the “jetpack” guy (you could also ramp the top of that hill and get over 500 in the fairway).

In conclusion, there are tons of possibilities for generating distance off the tee, especially if you have access to older versions of Golden Tee where you can collect club sets and stock up on balls.  If you’re limited to 2010 equipment, use either 2010 club set with a 310 driver and the red distance balls for the longest straight shots, or the X-22 Tour clubs and the Gamer 2s or Ds Feels for the longest curve shots!

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