Falcon Set (Formerly 2009 FT i-brid set (Tough Lies/Tall Grass))

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This set of clubs introduced in 2009 Golden Tee features hybrids, which are favored by many players including myself!  This is as close as it comes to the “old birds”, the hybrid set from 2005.  Here are the golf clubs included in this set and the relative distance:

FT-i driver (10 degrees): 300
3 Wood: 275
5 Wood: 250
2 Hybrid: 235
3 Hybrid: 210
4 Hybrid: 190
5 Hybrid: 170
6 Iron: 150
7 Iron: 140
8 Iron: 125
9 Iron: 100
Pitching Wedge: 80
Sand Wedge: 60
Odyssey XG SRT 2 Ball Putter

Advantages: This set is good to use on most courses that don’t have a lot of elevation changes or steep pot bunkers.  The hybrids are great for fighting off strong winds, and there are no big gaps in distance throughout the club set.

Disadvantages: Missing a lob wedge is a big deal sometimes, especially when trying to shoot out of the pot bunkers on Bonnie Moor!  Still, that’s pretty much the only disadvantage to this set.

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  1. I love this set. I would love a chance to play with the Old Birds too but ill manage. Playing on 2010, i tried every new club and ball combo and EVERY time i came up 20 yards shot, probably something to do with the Distance marker. I decided to move BACK to These Hybrids and i got my old game back. I love it. All my shots are going proper distance and im not having to over compensate or club down. Jus my 2 cents on these clubs.

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