Flare Set (Formerly 2010 X-22 Set (High Loft/Long Shot Control))

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The X-22 set features the FT-9 driver and 5 fairway woods! The ultimate set for higher loft on far approach shots.

Driver (9.5°): 300
3 Wood: 275
4 Wood: 260
5 Wood: 250
7 Wood: 220
9 Wood: 190
5 Iron: 160
6 Iron: 150
7 Iron: 140
8 Iron: 125
9 Iron: 100
A Wedge: 70
Lob Wedge: 40
Odyssey 2-Ball F7 putter

Advantages: The only set of clubs containing 6 woods, you’ll be able to hit any approach shot outside 180 yards with high loft and good distance control.  The 7-wood in this set goes 220, so you never see more than a 30-yard gap between any two clubs!  And you have the lob wedge, which I always like to have.

Disadvantages: Sometimes you don’t want to hit a 9-wood from 180 yards — you’d rather have the 4-iron!  Fighting the wind will become an issue with these shots around 200 yards since you have given up the lower lofted clubs in most sets.  The 4-wood doesn’t appear to offer much advantage since there’s not that big of a distance gap between the 3-wood and 5-wood anyway.

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  1. At our bar, several of us refer to the 9W as the “Gecko Wood” as it’s basically the lob wedge of the driver world. On virtually every occasion (apart from A1/C3 shots w/ spin) the ball bounces no more than twice and sits down for an ultra short roll. It’s almost as if this club fits the ball with sticky little gecko feet.

    For players that actually enjoy playing with the wind, these high loft woods are a blast. Doubly true if you are somewhat adept at the partial A1/C3 shots (not sure what you guys call them; we refer to them as “semi swoop” shots)

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