Howitzer Set (Formerly 2008 APEX 50 Club Set (High Loft))

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This set of clubs introduced in 2008 Golden Tee provides maximum loft to help clear trees and hills, and it is especially good for approach shots. Here are the golf clubs included with this set and the relative distance:

High-loft driver:290
3 Wood:275
5 Wood:250
7 Wood:200
4 Iron:180
5 Iron:160
6 Iron:150
7 Iron:140
8 Iron:125
9 Iron:100
Gap Wedge: 70
Sand Wedge: 60
Lob Wedge: 40

Advantages: This set helps you clear high obstacles, especially the 7-wood from 200 yards, and that can often save you some strokes. The lob wedge is a great extra club to help with distance on shorter chip shots.

Disadvantages: You lose a lot of distance off the tee (20 yards) with the high-loft driver. There’s a 50-yard gap from your 5-wood to your 7-wood and a 30-yard gap from your 9-iron to your gap wedge, so you’ll have a lot of “in-between” shots during the round, which are uncomfortable.

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