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Casual Play allows you to start a game quickly without swiping a card or tracking statistics.  The Home Edition lets you adjust the difficulty of Casual Play from 1-5.  On level 1, you get all the front tee boxes, not much wind, and lesser-sloped greens.  On level 5, you’ll see different tee boxes (more often from back tees), more wind, and more slope on the greens.  You can also set the “straight shots” option for true beginners who want assistance keeping their shots on line.


For example, this is a tee box you won’t see in Stats or LIVE play, but it’s standard with the easy difficulty settings in Casual Play:


The other benefit of casual play is mulligans!  Since this mode is for players who are fairly new to the game, you can take advantage of mulligans to practice all kinds of shots over and over until you get them right.  Mulligans are a great feature that allow you to improve and practice more effectively.

The big drawback of Casual Play is that you cannot use any of the high-performance equipment normally available (clubs, balls and tees).  You can customize your golfer at least, so dress up and have fun!  So, use Casual Play to learn the basics of the trackball and manage the courses, but move on up to Stats Play when you are ready to enhance your game using different clubs, balls, and Golden Tees.



With two or more players, Skins Play is still around so you can compete with your buddies to see who can take home the most skins/money by winning holes as opposed to stroke play.


Here’s where the fun begins for online play from home.  Choose Stats Play to begin a game with random course conditions every time, swipe your card, and have your stats tracked against your account!  As far as I can tell, the difficulty for Stats Play rates a 5 out of 5, matching LIVE play.

When you fire up Stats Play, all the high-performance equipment is available!  Enjoy this from home if you haven’t purchased particular club sets or balls at the bar (and no, this doesn’t mean the equipment travels with your card back to the bar).  All the club sets are available, including ones from the current year previously unavailable with the offline home edition:


You’ll also have access to any high-performance balls, including the current year:


And you also have 99 Golden Tees to use throughout the round.  Since you cannot buy anything from home, these options are disabled:


So pick your weapons of choice and get started without fear of running out of balls or tees!


Stats Play automatically randomizes your tee box based on your skill bracket.

You have the ability to YouTube any hole-out from over 150 yards, but hole-outs (including aces) from under this distance don’t provide you the option for an upload.

LIVE Contests work the same as Stats Play except you are entered into a random 20-person contest to see how you can finish against other online competition.


You may start out in Red, Blue or Black tee zones based on your skill bracket.  The Pro bracket with Red tees gets all front tee boxes and easy drop zones, while the Elite bracket with Blue or Black tees gets a mix of tee boxes with the standard drop zones.  However, you have the ability to choose “Play Random Tees” from the Options menu at any time to avoid always having the back tees — this mode is similar to LIVE Play for Prizes that you see at the bar.

You can also be entered into the same contest more than once when not playing for prizes in the home edition mode.  So, if you finish a game on Cape Haven and feel like you can shoot better, you can start another LIVE contest on that course. If it’s not filled up yet, you’ll be in the same contest with the same wind and pin placements.  However, if you play random tees, then you may have some different tee boxes the next time around.

Again, the difficulty level for LIVE play matches what you would see for LIVE Play for Prizes at the bar.

If you don’t have a Golden Tee card, you won’t be able to enter a LIVE contest — you’ll be redirected into Stats Play instead.

If more than one person is playing and at least one of you has a Golden Tee card, however, you can all play in the LIVE contest.  Just have the player with the card go first, and the others can begin without a card.


Stats Play vs. Live Play:
In general, I always start my first game with LIVE Play.  And why not?  It’s fun to be part of a contest.  Just remember before you start (or as soon as you remember) to select “Play Random Tees” so that you aren’t always stuck with the back tee boxes.

If you want to play the same course again soon after, you just have to decide if you want to try the same conditions (wind and pin), or if you want a fresh set.  Stats Play always offers a new random set of conditions, and I usually opt for that if I’m playing many games in a row that include the same course.  Stats Play is also a must if you’re trying to reach a new low score and you didn’t score well on the conditions the last time around.

One fun thing about finishing LIVE contests is that they show up on your scores feed when starting the 2nd hole.  Stats play scores do not show up since you didn’t earn a rank in a contest when completing that game.

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