Setting up a Wireless Ethernet Bridge

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My game is in my basement, and my home computer network (router and modem) are upstairs.  For me, the best option was to configure a wireless ethernet bridge to get my Golden Tee home edition online.

There are simpler versions available, but I went to Radio Shack and found a NETGEAR Universal Dual Band WiFi Range Extender.


Plug this into the wall somewhere close to your Golden Tee machine.  Then it gives you a couple options for establishing a connection with your home network.

  • For me, I just booted up my laptop to find the NETGEAR SSID wireless network — you connect to that first.
  • When connected, I launched a browser window from my laptop that took me to a setup guide.
  • The key step in the setup guide is establishing a connection with your current home wireless network.  Once connected, you then pick a name for your “Extender” network that is now available.  After that, your wireless ethernet bridge looks like any other router that has a wireless connection.

Now just plug the ethernet cable from the game into the ethernet bridge and boot up the game — you will then have your Golden Tee game hooked up to the internet and communicating with ITNet!

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  1. Thanks for the info. My home unit gets delivered next week so I’ll be taking advantage of this.

  2. Thanks for this, hope to get hooked up today !

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