Golden Tee Fan’s Top Tips for Beginners and Amateurs

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Consider this a “best of” collection of everything that I feel can be immensely beneficial to those still learning the game, all within a few pages!  There are hundreds of articles on this site, and while categories and the new search button on the home page can help you track things down, it’s still easy to miss something.

Click here for the GTF Tip sheet — a printable 5-page guide to the absolute best tips that I’ve collected over the years to help all of us get better!  Armed with this knowledge and the write-ups of how to play each hole in Golden Tee 2011, you’ll be on your way to beating your friends in no time!

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is a Golden Tee addict from Chicago, IL, thirsty for tips and tricks!
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  1. Tip sheet updated slightly!

  2. I am trying to learn but the tip sheet isn’t opening. I am desperate to get better than my usual 7-11 under. I own the home version but I seem to be stuck. I really want to learn more.

  3. Fixed Lenny – thanks!

  4. do you have a tips & tricks pdf for the new PGA Golden Tee 2024? Or even for 2023?

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