Use mulligans!

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This wouldn’t be encouraged in a normal round of Golden Tee with your buddies, but if you’re practicing a round by yourself, a great tip is to use up some mulligans in specific situations to get the feel on a particular shot. Mulligans aren’t allowed during a LIVE round since you’re competing against others, so play a non-live round to get this option. If you have a bad chip, use a mulligan or two until you get the feel of where to hit the ball. If you’re hitting a big hook off the tee, use a mulligan or two until you get the backswing and follow-through on the right angle. You’ll use up some extra quarters on Golden Tee, but it can sure be worth it when you beat up on your friends!

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  1. Can you explain how to turn mulligans on a golden tee 2008

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