Kicking off Golden Tee 2014

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September 23 is Golden Tee 2014 Ship Day, meaning it will start showing up in bars across the country this week!  Here’s everything you need to know to get ready for the new update.

First, visit each course category page (Pelican Grove, Shady Acres, Turtle Island, Highland Links, Greek Hills) to see a summary review of each course along with hole-by-hole breakdowns and YouTube example shots as the year progresses.  This is your best way to learn how to attack each of these new holes on the 2014 courses.  Check back often early on to see what has been updated as we learn how to navigate the new holes.

There are two new club sets in 2014 — the Inciter and the Surge.  Read about them here.  I’m not sure that you need them on this year’s courses, but we’ll see how things play out.

There are also three new virtual balls this year — Razor, Archer and Sniper.  Read about them here.  I think the Razors have great potential this year — I tried them out and really liked them.  They land softer, have great backspin/roll, good distance, and they putt firmly.

The game has made it easier for you to select and change clothing by showing 12 items per page — more details here before you experience it yourself.

By clicking the blue “Help” button this year, you can pan up and get an overhead view of any shot, which can come in very handy in some situations — learn more here!

You’ll also immediately notice how the screen has been rearranged to give more real estate to the environment of the shot…and you’ll also be notified if you are low on virtual equipment before you tee off!  See more here.

Finally, YouTube video uploads look much cleaner, sharper and smoother this year, as you’ll come to see.  Here are more details on that improvement for 2014.

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  1. I want access to a Golden Tee T-shirt. Let me know where.


  2. There’s a link to a Golden Tee store on their website that sells those shirts!

  3. I am looking for an old school golden tee t-shirt. Back in the day, they only made 2 I believe. One was gray with “golden tee golf” in blue block letters. The other one was navy with yellow block letters. Any clue where I can find them? I can’t even find a picture of them on line.



  4. Our bar just got the new 2014 Golden Tee, we are stoked! How do we connect with fans of Golden Tee and host events? Thanks!

  5. There’s a very active form for Golden Tee players here — I’d suggest asking there to see if anyone is in your area!

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