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There’s a new shot being talked about, and it might add an extra holeout or two to your round with enough practice!  It’s called “The Chush”!  There was an article on this but it was removed…basically you pull back to your knees or so and push the ball straight forward with the middle of your palm (or thumbs).  The intent is to keep the ball low and play a big club so that you eliminate wind and get the ball rolling at the cup.  It definitely requires a lot of practice, and I’m still new to it, so I’m not working any wonders with it yet either!  A good note is not to overuse it, so keep that in mind.  I’m also working out how much the rough or other terrain will slow the ball on its way, and I also need to figure out how much loft is going to be on a shot with each club so that I know whether or not the rough will catch the ball or if I’ll carry the green!  In any case, it’s fun to practice this new shot, so give it a try!

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  1. […] If you get a nice pin placement and are within 100 yards or so, you might be able to practice your “chush” shot here […]

  2. I’ve noticed that these distances are inccorect, at least how i’m playing the shot. Am I hitting it too hard? anyone using this shot with x-22’s and gamer v2? my 5w goes around 80-100 yards and 9iron (only two clubs i try it with) goes consistantly 30 yards depending on slope of green. Help anyone?

  3. Not sure — I know the key is to flip the trackball forward as light as you possibly can, because otherwise you’ll probably be inconsistent with the distances. The most important thing is learning how far it goes for YOU, like you’re saying — practice and observing the distance of YOUR shots is the key.

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