Eagle Crest Trivia Facts!

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Thanks to Design Master Randy Christopher for supplying us with all the fun facts below!

Hole #1 There are 2 porta-potties to the left of the green in the woods.

Hit the out house and you’ll hear

1) “A fart, a burp and “Come Back Later””

2) “A fart, a burp and “Oh, bad tacos””

3) “A fart and “Hold On””

(All outhouses do this)

Hole #1 There is (1) 8 point buck to the far right of the green in the woods, if

hit, you’ll hear it stomp its hoofs, grunt and moan (or whatever a deer sound is)

Hole #2 The is a golf cart with 1 guy in it in the woods to the right of the

dogleg in the woods, if you hit it, the guy will say “Move On”. (man in golf carts

always say this)

Hole #2 Between the tree and the golf cart, the is a man in a gray shirt standing

facing the tree, if you hit the man, you’ll hear him pissing on the tree. (I’m not

joking it happens and there are two more time in Eagle Crest that I’ve found so

far, I obviously have too much time on my hands)

Hole #2 There is a green lawnmower/tractor in the woods to the right further down

the dogleg. When hit, it makes the sound of a ball hitting a metal cage followed

by an engine choking and sputtering out. (this happens to all lawnmowers that’ll

show up later)

Hole #3 There is (1) 8 point buck in the woods behind the Tee Box, it’s stomps

it’s hoofs, grunts and moans when hit.

Hole #3 There are (2) potta-potties to the right in the woods, same voices as

above when hit.

Hole #3 There is a 2 lane paved car bridge going nowhere and barricaded (no roads

attach to it) to the right rear of the green. Also has to hazard signs on the


Hole #4 If you hit the alien space ship, it’s sound like an echoing high pitch

gong ( I can describe it better than that).

Hole #4 If you hit an alien, it’ll say “Take me to your leader”

Hole #4 If you hit the player in the purple shirt by the aliens, he’ll groan.

Hole #4 If you hit the statue of Thomas Jefferson inside the memorial it’ll sound

like hitting a hollow metal statue. (if you’re playing with the aliens, you won’t

have enough strokes to get to the statue)

Hole #4 There are two porta potties to the far right of the Jefferson Memorial,

making same sounds as above.

Hole #5 There is (1) 8 point buck in the woods to the right of the dogleg, snorts

and all

Hole #6 There is a man in a golf cart to the right rear of the green, says “Move

On”. I didn’t think to look for a man peeing cause I didn’t know about it at the

time I found this, but there isn’t a porta potty there, so maybe the guy is behind

the tree.

Hole #7 (Had to use google earth to figure this one out). There is a bridge to

the Left Rear of the Tee. It’s a three lane one way bridge. When you turn around

to look at the bridge, traffic would be coming toward you across the bridge.

Hole #7 There is a man in a golf cart

Hole #7 Two porta potties

Hole #8 Nothing

Hole #9 There is a 2 legged alien ship in the woods, 3 aliens, none with hats,

ship sounds like gong and aliens say take me to your leader.

Hole #9 Behind the green and to the right, there are two “Baggies” with a sign

that says “Today only meet Baggie” 3 balloons, red, green and yellow

Hole #9 There is an LED advertising billboard (I didn’t pay much attention to them

as everyone sees them)

Hole #10 Behind the tee box, the sign says “Today only meet Baggie”

Hole #10 The angled wall is the Veitnam Veterans Memorial. No sounds for hitting it.

Hole #10 Just past the end of the Veitnam Memorial wall and to the left in the

woods there is a man in a golf cart and a man behind the tree peeing. same

sounds as before.

Hole #11 To the left of the bunker there is a lawnmower/tractor with sounds

Hole #11 At the very end of the long fairway there is an 8 point buck

Hole #11 On the island to the right between the fairway and green you’ll find

Jimmy Hoffa’s Cript. Hit it and you’ll hear a stone slab sliding followed by

haunting music.

Hole #12 Shot for the hole in one, ain’t nothing to be found here.

Hole #13 There are (4) 8 point bucks in the woods to the right.

Hole #13 After crossing the road to the second fairway, there is an SUV off to the

right, hit it and it’ll sound the same as hitting the lawnmowers. Further to the

far right is another space ship with no aliens.

Hole #14 In the woods to the right, half way to the fountain, there is a “Bags”

game. Hit it and you’ll hear coins drop in the machine followed by the IT music.

Hole #15 nothing

Hole #16 In the woods to the inside of the left dogleg, there is a man with a

purple shirt laying on the ground, groans when hit.

Hole #16 There is a Brown Brick Castle looking building to the right of the green,

it’s the Smithsonian Institute.

Hole #16 The block building to the left of the green is the Museum of Natural


Hole #17 About half way to the green in the woods deep to the left, there is a man

peeing behind a gray tree. (This was actually the first one I found).

Hole #18 There is a space ship in the woods to the right, no aliens.

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