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On Friday, October 28, 2016, the second “Freaky Friday”, which is the Daily Contest consisting of a different collection of holes each week, focused on some of the toughest holes ever created.  I decided to document my attempt and share the holes and setups for those who couldn’t play.


Not bad to start. I high teed a driver straight ahead in the right fairway and had a wedge into the green for birdie.


I hate this pin placement. I put my drive out towards the neck before the water but I didn’t want to attempt a 3-wood towards the pin…really didn’t want to water the second hole. I bailed out with a driver long right and missed my chip, tapped in for birdie. Moving on.


For this tee box, this was a generous setup…just had to make sure not to clip the tree. I used a 4-wood with bite pretty straight at it and made the eagle putt.


Another very generous setup…this one was pretty easy. I hit that 9-iron smooth with roll and it settled by the pin for my birdie.


Here we go. Put my drive in the fairway ahead and decided to thumb a driver into the green…it’s just a very challenging shot with the wind, elevation and crazy green. Luckily I settled in the lower half of the green and made a long putt for eagle!


Instead of trying to fly the mountain and hold the green, and given the pin on the left, I opted to play the gap. I settled a 4-wood in the icy gap to the left, and it bounced around and landed nicely on the green not to far from the hole! Another eagle.


One of the hardest, if not the hardest, holes on this 18. I had a pretty good tee shot with the 9-iron, trying to land in the upper right of the green so it’d roll back down and give me a putt. I was a bit too long in the dirt, so I chipped back on and made a long putt to save par. Not bad here at all.


Fortunately my high-teed 7-wood worked great here! I rotated one left and played a full cut that got over the stones and settled pretty close to the pin. Another nice eagle!


This was actually a very good setup, but I didn’t quite get this one. My low-teed driver cut through the tree, but it lost steam and fell off left into the water. I had to chip back on and make the putt for par. -11 after nine!


I ALMOST went for the shortcut here. If you turn right and use a tee, you can hit a 3-wood with roll to the right of the farthest tree in this picture, and it will shoot over the hill and roll down to the green. But, the tee box didn’t seem to quite give me the right angle to try it, so I bailed out and hit out left over the water. It was a tough approach with the pin on the right and wind blowing left, but I hit the green and made the putt for birdie.


I don’t have that many rounds in on the new courses yet, so on this setup, I opted to lay back in the first fairway. This gave me a 3-wood that I cut around into the green, and with bite, it held the left half and gave me a long putt. I made it for another eagle!


Not a bad setup here, just had to control distance. I used a tee to slide to the back left and played a small cut into the pin with backspin. It settled nicely in the center and I made the putt for birdie.


Here I just turned left, took advantage of the high tee, and played an A1 down to the second fairway. Fortunately this gave me a lower-lofted 4-hybrid to use for the approach, which helped with the strong cross-wind. I hit the green and made the breaking putt for eagle.


Again, nice having a high tee to use here. I moved left one and high teed the LW, almost acing it…tapped in for birdie.


Look at this cake setup. Straight on 3-wood with bite…almost went in the hole, easy tap in eagle.


Yikes — I hated this wind. This hole is often drivable but cutting a 4-wood or so left over the trees, but I didn’t like my odds with that wind, and I had a good round going. In the trees is not what I wanted. Well I screwed it up anyway. Good tee shot ahead, but I was short on my approach in the sand. Short chip left me in the sand. Then I got it on and made the putt for bogey. Oops.


Another generous setup on a hole that can be so difficult with a wind blowing right. Instead, this look allowed me to use a 9-iron with bite, and I played the wind well to stick the green for a short birdie putt.


I’m glad this was the finishing hole, because many, including me, voted it the toughest finishing hole ever presented. However, in this case, we got a good look. And we have tees now! So, it was just a high-teed 5W for me with a small cut around the left. I nailed the distance and had just a short chip into the pin. I hit it for an eagle to finish!


Here’s my final scoreboard. I was thrilled putting up a -22 on my first attempt, and it ended up in the top 50 for a $19 win!

Pretty good job picking out holes, but we all have our opinions on what we would have stuck in there instead. Also, IT has no control of the setup that results from a locked conditions contest. So, while they picked a LOT of tough holes (which was the point), many of the setups were much easier than they could have been. It was fun — look forward to more of these in the future!

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