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If you’re going to be playing at least a couple times a month, I highly recommend signing up for the Golden Tee Gold Card. Why do you need it? Well, technically, you don’t. You can still swipe a credit card (the SAME one each time!), and the system will pull up your user information and statistics. Your Gold Card is basically an extra ID for your player. You can’t pay with it, so a credit card does just as good. But dammit, you sure look cool when you swipe that thing!

However, eventually, your credit card will change, and you need to keep your stats throughout your lifetime.  That’s why you get a Gold Card, and just replace it if needed.  Assuming you’ve signed up for an account on (why wouldn’t you?), then you can log into that site, click the link for Account, log into your account with your Pin, and then click the link for ‘Reorder Card’.  That’s it!

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  1. Also if you are just using your credit card for check ins and lose it or have to cancel it due to unathorized use, your GT winnings are gone unless you had the foresight to associate your cc with an account on the its-games web site. Point is, if you have money in your account and win often it’s best to have a GT card (or the Silver Strike bowling card like I have will do the same) so you don’t have problems getting your winnings.

  2. I want a golden tee card….how do i get one?

  3. Sign into your account on and go here:
    Or, if you are new, go here to order one:

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