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You may hear this term every now and then, and it’s a good gauge to measure exactly how well you shot on a particular round of Golden Tee. Because many of the par 4s are reachable in 1 and many of the par 5s are reachable in 2, the term GT Par was born. So, if a par 4 is reachable in 1, we say it has a GT par of 2 (the drive and the putt). If a par 5 is reachable in 2, it has a GT par of 3 (the drive, the approach, and the putt). All par 3s should have a GT Par of 2. It’s really the best a player can shoot on that hole without holing out a long shot. So, if you calculate the GT Par on the front 9 to be 25 (-11) and you shoot a –10, you really only missed one shot without holing out on any holes. If someone shot –12, that person most likely made NO mistakes and actually holed out a long shot somewhere. I can only dream of being that good.

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