Holiday Give-Away Codes!!!

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Enter each of the following codes up to 4 times to collect all the available gear for the holiday outfit!

St. Patrick’s Day – 07FEED0317 and 1703170317 and 2403170317 and 3503170317
Christmas – 0333333333 and 3812252014 and 4812252015
Winter Holiday Gear – 1412252010 and 2312252012 and 5112252016
Halloween – 04B0000000 and 18B0000002 and 30B0002013 and 37B0002015 and 50B0002017
New Year’s Day – 0520102010 and 12ACED2011
Valentine’s Day – 06BABEBABE and 40FEB14FEB
Thanksgiving – 13FEEDF00D and 28F00D2013
Mother’s Day – 1158115811 and 3305112014
Father’s Day – 32DADDAD15
President’s Day – 2120202020 and 31ABEABE14
April Fool’s Day – 20F001F001
Easter – 1900000000 and 15EB000000 and 2900000000
Groundhog Day – 2602022013
Independence Day – 2504040404 and 3944444444 and 4607042016
Veterans Day – 2220132013
Earth Day – 3404220422
Dog Days of Summer – 3688888888

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  1. looking for last years halloween giveaway code . any help?

  2. Kip,

    We got started a little late so we’re actually going to do that code for Halloween ’09. The pumpkin head will be well worth the wait. : )

  3. Do you guys have any plans on a ST PATRICK’S DAY COSTUME?

  4. 03FEED0317

    Put the code in up to three times to get St. Patty’s Day gear… a hat, a shirt and a pair of pants.

  5. what is the next holiday code you plan on giving out? and can you give the codes for past costumes? i am new at this game.

  6. Sorry I don’t work for Golden Tee — the only codes that have been released thus far are the ones you see above!

  7. I tried entering the codes on a machine last night and it said invalid code.

  8. 04B0000000 (a zero, a four, the letter B, and seven zeros) = Halloween 2010

  9. Sorry, that should say Halloween on GT2010

  10. Will there be any codes for 2010???

  11. Yeah I’m pretty sure there are more codes to come — probably coinciding with the holidays throughout the year again!

  12. How do we get the codes?

  13. Don’t worry — I’ll let all my visitors know when a new code comes out! I’ll post it here and send out a newsletter as well.

  14. How do I enter a code

  15. How do I enter a code to get these items?

  16. At any time before or during play, you can hit the Options button and scroll to the option for “Give Away Code” or something like that. From there, just enter the codes and get your stuff!

  17. I have a question regarding the customizable clothing that one can win. Myself and a buddy have been playing GT for just under a year now, we both have roughly the same handicap, and number of games played. I’m setting on 210 games with stats, he is on 183.

    However, when it comes to prizes won, he always seems to receive 2010-2011 items, and I receive 2007-2009 items. We are both playing within the Elite prize bracket, but he seems to get the better stuff. He does have almost 500K more Great Shot Points than I. Is this the difference between the prizes we seem to win?

  18. The codes start with a number and go in sequence. Could Adam from IT tell us the codes starting with: 01 02 08 09 10 & 11? I am asking for the first, second, eighth, ninth, tenth, and eleventh give away codes.

  19. Does anyone know how one can acquire the pilgrim hat?

  20. It might be in the old Thanksgiving code:
    Thanksgiving – 13FEEDF00D

  21. I saw kinz with a donkey head. where its that? I haven’t got a prize in months.

  22. I don’t know — I don’t own it, and I have everything. I’d like to see a picture or video with that, hmm.

  23. Look up kinz greatest shots on you tube. Its a shot from november I think.its a spot on royal cove hole 18.please get back to be on this.I thought I had everything until I saw this. I haven’t gotten anything in months.

  24. I found the shot with the donkey head — I heard from IT that it’s coming soon, but not generally available yet! So we’ll see an announcement from Golden Tee when it’s available.

  25. Been playing with the donkey head for a while now. It is in the above mentioned update codes, but I cant remember which one. Try em all out and happy playing!

  26. Does anyone now if any new codes coming are out for July 4th ’12??

  27. Don’t think so.

  28. How can we go about getting the snowmen head?? I entered the giveaway code for the clothing, but the snowman head didnt come with it?

  29. Not sure Mike — did you keep entering the code 3-4 times until you got all the offerings for that code? I’m pretty sure I have all the codes listed, so that could work.

  30. Mikey – from what I read on another site, the snowman head has to be won in the game.

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