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Some of you know that I invested in a 2012 Golden Tee Unplugged that I got set up in my basement right before the Super Bowl this year!  It’s been incredible.  Not only do I hope to improve my game, but my mind was also racing with ideas for experiments to run with the luxury of free play and mulligans.

I’ve been playing a lot of games, but I’m also eager to get started on some of these ideas, and I plan to share my findings on the site here to help spread a lot of additional knowledge that’s much more difficult to get from your local bar!

Below are some ideas I’ve come up with so far.  Please let me know if you have others — I’ll be happy to give them a shot!  I’ll keep you all updated so we can benefit from the findings.

  • Find the footage at which turbo putts begin, validating against different holes
  • Show how B1/B3 shots vary by club.  Take pictures after 3 shots with each club, marking total distance, lay protractor over to get angle, and see how far apart they end up.
  • Do the same as above with other types of shots, such as a A.5-1.5, A.5-1, A-1.5, to show how accuracy and distance are affected.
  • Show how C2 shots differ from C3 shots, in terms of distance, angle taken, and how far left of center each shot ends up
  • Given a straight headwind and tailwind, show how much distance is affected with a static speed for each club.  Then repeat for side winds for shots into the wind (no angled pull-back applied) to end up straight ahead to see how much distance is lost.
  • Draw a grid with incremental degrees around the trackball, and use this for the mapping exercises below.
  • Start mapping ideal club, speed, pull back angle, and forward angle of all approach shots given any particular wind and a flat elevation.  Disregard slope for this exercise.  Goal is to develop a formula or table to predict the shot that will come closest to the hole for any distance and wind condition.
  • Show how total distance is affected by roll, backspin, bite or nothing given no wind, flat surface and static speed for all clubs.
  • Show how distance is affected by high tee, low tee, medium tee, given no wind and static speed for all clubs.  Perform for B2 shots as well as A1/C3 shots.
  • Show how total distance is affected by appling backspin, roll, bite or nothing to both high-teed and low-teed drives.
  • Demo chush shots, and show how far they go with each club and with roll or backspin applied.
  • Figure out how far I can pull back any particular club with a full forward swing to achieve a particular distance, such as 200 yards, 100 yards, 50 yards, etc.  This can help with distance control on shots between clubs.  It would also be good to measure carry on these shots.  A benefit may be finding a way to hit a half-pullback 7-iron or something on Royal #16 to stick the green while minimizing wind damage.
  • Figure out a way to train players on bump-and-run chip shots.  Need to pick just club long enough to carry the green to minimize wind damage and get the ball rolling on the slope.  Faster is better — chip with confidence (even using roll) where able to keep as straight a line as you can!
  • See how many distances I can achieve without a pullback for a driver shot to a flat fairway.  Intention is to see how precise the computer reads the speed of the trackball.

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  1. if you plan to move to louisiana and need a roommate, lemme know!

  2. Yes, I bought it from IT. They offer a warranty and cheaper upgrades to the newer courses when available, which was a plus for me. I set it up myself — it was fairly easy! I bought my own TV — a 37″ works well for me, but others have chosen a 42″. Flat screens are getting cheaper and cheaper, so it wasn’t a big expense. You get all the features of LIVE, so yes, I have bite and tees, and all the clothing options. You can NOT scan a card or keep stats on your card. It just tracks stats on the hard drive of the machine.

    I can email you my cost!

  3. I would love to know the cost from IT & your ending cost. Please email me that info.

    I can’t wait to read more about your experiments if you ever have time to post again. 😀


  4. Yeah this dude`s been posting a lot less.

  5. What’s up!! 🙂

    Great job as always…

    I have two additions of suggestions to your test list:

    .test the difference between hitting the same club and shot with a “spinny”, both towards a and c. Also, test if the spinny pull back makes a difference, or if the only difference is if the trackball is moving at all when the forward shot is hit. Seems to me the biggest difference is when it’s a c3 ish shot, and a spinny a1 gives no added advantage. Im curious if you find the same, cause you have the luxury of mulligans!

    .on turbo putt range, if you want to take the turbo off, does pulling it back to 3, 2.7, 2.5, 2.3, etc. make any difference, or is it only on and off. And if so, what is the minimum range of pullback off of center. And, is pulling back towards 1 make any difference for taking turbo off vs. pulling back towards 3.

  6. Ugghhh! Lol! please substitute A and C for when I used 1 and 2. Lol!! I had temporary dyslexia of which were on top and bottom! 🙂

  7. Yeah, great comments — I will add these tests to the list!

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