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This section is meant to capture all the quirky or unexpected things you’ve come across while playing the 2008 Golden Tee courses. I’ll also add the quirks that apply to specific holes to my course breakdowns, so that you can know what to expect when checking out each hole!

1) On Summit #7, if it’s icy and you go long past the green on the ice, it’s OB.

2) On Misty #13, there’s a wall on the fringe preventing bump-and-run chips or other shots from rolling up onto the green.

3) On Misty #18, you can get caught underneath a rock in front of the green where you’ll stroke limit.

4) You can hit “invisileaves” on the following courses and holes:

Eagle #17
Bayou #’s 5,8,9,10
Misty #18
Cypress — #2, #4, #5, and a handful of other places

5) On Eagle Crest hole #5, if you drive the green and barely touch the fringe on the bottom close to the sand, and then if you try to putt, it will bounce backward into the sand.

6) On Misty Springs hole #7, if you hit the leaves on the right with a 3-wood on your second shot, it goes right through!

7) Summit #15 – It’s possible to hit into the water (with water sound effect and splash on screen) when it’s ice around the green. However, there’s no penalty. I’m talking about the edges of the ponds around the green. Get too close and you’ll go wet. This would fall into the glitch category.

8) On Summit #13, you can actually hit your drive – on the fly – in between the virtual 2 inch opening between the Bags machine and the house where it will rattle around, give you an Unplayable Lie and drop you on the back rough to essentially give you a 2 stroke penalty.

9) There was once a hole-in-one where the ball sat on the top of the hole and didn’t fall. It was pretty cool…kinda like in real life when the ball is stuck between the pin and the hole, but it wasn’t touching the pin…

10) You can get inside any outhouse and just be stuck for stroke limit.

11) On Eagles #10, there’s an unplayable lie black strip on the left side rough.

12) There are some angled rocks on Summit where if you roll right under them, you can hit through them (they don’t come up as transparent).

13) Just got this one in from Skipper:

Glacier #10, guy went in water, drop was on the sand(?) in front/below of
the big wood wall in front of the green. He had to hit back to the fairway
(170+yds) to try to get back to the green.

For other glitches in the game, check out this link: http://www2.itsgames.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5765&sid=f0dd7224a3ab89e767b0c56788c9316e

Or, if you find any other strange quirks that aren’t necessarily glitches, feel free to post comments here — thanks!

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  1. I’ve done the back of the Bags machine. Sucky.

    I got the “Jet Pack” on Summit #4. My ball is lying in the air after shot #1. It’s stuck over the cliff. I hit shot #2, the ball starts toward the green, gets over 1/2 way there, then turns around and ends up back in the same spot, and you can see your golfer’s feet at the top of the screen just as the ball gets back. You end up stroking out.

  2. EC #14: If you somehow end up on the bricks around the fountain, it’s

  3. some quirks from 2011:
    1: there are invisileaves in trees on laurel park #16 and falcon sands #2
    2: invisiwood in the trees in grizzly flats #9
    3(this one is bullshit): a couple weeks ago on timber bay hole #9, i went for the green in 2 with a 5 wood with backspin. it came up just short, on an area of slightly sloped grass, and then the ball started rolling down the sloped grass, and onto a 90 degree rock wall short left of the green, the ball bounced and rolled slowly down this rock, and then stopped ON the rock wall and then it gave me a fucking unplayable lie! for the slope of the rock wall it was kinda impossible happen, and it would have never stayed on the rock wall in real life! even worse, i got a drop from about 150 yards BEHIND the green in the sand. what would have been an easy birdie turned into a goddamn BOGEY!

  4. check out this one on the golden tee site about the 2010 course bella toscana:
    it says HOLE 12: PAR 4 when it`s always a par 3 in the game

  5. got invisileaves on falcon #9 and #10
    timber bay #4 if you find the sand over the green it`s an unplayable lie
    and why is there a smily face next o the summit #13 one?

  6. not once, but TWICE i`ve hit a shot into the greenside sand on timber #9 and it gave me an unplayable lie!
    and on timber #4 i once hit my tee shot in the hole and it said out of bounds and i was back on the tee hitting 3. i somehow hole out again and it said OB again! now i`m hitting 5 from the tee and i hit the green, miss a putt and shot a 7.

  7. Tonight I hit a putt that went in the hole but it made a splash sound and on screen it said WATER HAZARD. Cost me a buck.

  8. I have gotten unplayable lies in the greenside sand on timber 9 and on royal 17 the strip of sand halfway to the green is OB.

  9. Why give them the benefit of hte doubt by calling them quirks? Many of these are bugs, plain and simple. I realize since 2000 or so, they purposely started making more and more ridiculous unrealistic courses, like 450 yard par 3s..but many of these are bugs.

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