Revisited – How Lie Impacts Your Distance

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Now that Golden Tee displays a description of your lie with the updates in the recent years, we thought it’d be good again to analyze all of these lies to see how they impact your distance.  Click this link to open a spreadsheet showing all the lies sorted by % distance you get vs. a perfect lie.

Feel free to add comments if you’ve noticed another lie and noted the percentage impact based on the club’s standard distance.  For example, if you select a 9-iron with stock balls, it should line up for 100 yards.  The estimated distance in a given lie will then reflect the % distance lost due to the lie.

No lie we’ve found reduces distance more than 50%, and many lies have almost no impact at all.

One other notable observation is that hybrids are slightly-less impacted in rough lies vs. irons, further supporting why some players like to have them in their bags!

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