Rotating your golfer

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Just a quick fact to file away for you here — it takes 32 turns to complete a full 360-degree rotation of your golfer, so that means that each turn is worth 11.25 degrees.  Now you know!

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  1. does this page help us improve our game?

  2. Why isn’t it that if we were to purchase a GT card and put it in before the round starts, why wouldn’t our Avatar/golfer automatically show up? “Welcome Danimal. Ready for some golf?” As we earn points or play more, we could pick our own set of colored clubs with colored grips, groovy golf shoes, or a new hat? The $2 fee only gives me stats. Who cares? Nobody sees my stats, but an avatar that I custom designed to play with would be more than desirable, it would be necessary and add additional revenue to Golden Tee, no doubt. Gee whiz, some cool sunglasses are what I need. Play one more game or add another two bucks and I can get them!

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