Tee boxes in Golden Tee

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Golden Tee Live 2008 sure has its share of tee boxes! You can find yourself on any one of several boxes during the course of a round, and many times the boxes are not even close to each other. Often you’ll be coming into the green with a completely different angle as your playing partner! Par 4s can offer different looks into the fairway, and Par 3s can pit you on opposite sides of the green for your approach! There’s even a Par 3 on 2008 Golden Tee Live where you can have anywhere from a 17-yard approach shot, that you can PUTT, to an approach that’s close to 300 yards! Now that’s variety.

Also, you may notice that you can even be placed in different areas within the same tee box! So, you may be moved forward, backward, left, or right of where you were within the tee box in your previous round! When you couple these factors with the wind and pin placement constantly changing, you’ll never play the same round of Golden Tee twice!

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