Writing on The Great Wall — what does it say?

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You’ve seen the Chinese symbols written in sand all over The Great Wall, but have you ever wondered what they say?  I think you’ll be quite amused!  I consulted the help of a lady from China who now works in my section, and she had no problem interpreting the sayings — here are some examples!

mistakeThis basically means “mistake”!  And what do you know — it’s right!  Your ball never should end up here, so that’d definitely be  an errant shot!

sand is badAnd these symbols form words like “sand” and “bad”!  Yes, the sand is bad, so keep your ball away from here!

Kudos to the IT design team for incorporating funny, meaningful symbols into the course whose translations would otherwise go unnoticed!

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  1. What gives? There were ate pictures I sent. Did she not know what the others means?

  2. Yeah but they were all basically the same! Lots of the symbols were duplicates, and they all revolved around the same theme, so it didn’t make sense to post all 8.

  3. I liked it. So much useful material. I read with great interest.

  4. Did anyone see the dead body next to the tree on Great Wall #18? It is on the tee box side of the wall. What the heck!

  5. This is the game designers of Golden Tee continuing a fun little practical joke. For at least 3 years, each course contains one hole that has aliens, a spaceship, and this contorted dead body near by! So each year, it’s fun to try to find this guy on each course, and you found him!

    Here’s the whole setup from Eagle Crest, a 2008 course:
    aliens on eagle crest

  6. That’s hilarious! Now I’m looking fo all kinds of crazy stuff.

  7. This post has lots of fun pictures for you 🙂


  8. We saw Bigfoot walking on Great Wall #17. Fun stuff.

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