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Brandon Spain, AKA mr. fister on the boards, has lived in the Dallas area for most of his life.  He plays out of Volcano’s in Hurst, TX.  On the 2009 courses, he was averaging in the low 20’s on Savannah, Woodland, and Sunny.  He was in the mid 20’s on Bonnie, and on Black Hills…well, he and Black Hills don’t talk because they don’t get along :).

Brandon hasn’t yet played much on the 2010 courses while the Promo-nation contest is going on.  However, he’s finding that The Great Wall is usually good for low to mid 20’s, as is Tahiti Cove.  Monument is a toss up between a mid teens and a low 20’s as he’s still working on that one.  Bella keeps throwing him a massive blow up hole, so he’s running -17 to -19.  Southern Oaks is easily the hardest easy course he has ever played. There is no reason to hit less than the low 20’s, but he keeps doing it!

Brandon started playing Golden Tee right before Live came out.  He played a bit here and there for a few years, but he didn’t really start playing seriously until about half way through ’08.  For the promo-nation contest, Brandon has been playing about 100 games a week, but in a normal week he probably gets in 30-40 games.  He really flies through games too, finishing 18 holes in 9-10 minutes!

Brandon doesn’t say he’s a great player yet, but he knows he’s on the cusp!  Just about a week ago he shot his first -29, and he realized that was a really impressive mark.  He is still aiming for that -30 though, and when he gets that, he’ll shoot for -31 and beyond!

Brandon attributes the development of his skills to Rodney Collins, an amazing player that he met who really taught him a lot about the game.  After playing Golden Tee with him for a month, his handicap jumped from a 13-15 up to a 20-21!

When asked what Golden Tee accomplishments he’s most proud of, Brandon reiterated how amazing it felt to hit -29.  He’ll never forget getting up to the tee box on 18 at -27.  The setup was easy, but he was so nervous he nearly flubbed it anyway!  With that being said, Brandon would say that his greatest accomplishment also happened very recently, where he logged into to check some scores and happened to notice his ELO rating had jumped up to 3097!   He had never seen it above the mid 2900s range, so he was quite shocked and pleased to see that his consistently great scores were paying off!

Among Brandon’s most memorable Golden Tee moments are the first time that student beat teacher.  They were playing Cypress and had gone into 18 tied at -23 (teacher hit water at some point).  Brandon forgets the setup, but teacher ended up with a really easy short eagle putt and had him crushed on GSP, so his only out was to ace 18, which he had never done.  Needless to say, Brandon let it go with a three wood and had it crawl into the right side of hole for his first ace on 18 of Cypress!

Brandon’s best advice to novices is to find someone better than you and learn everything that you can, especially how they hit the trackball.  Find out why they play the way they do under specific conditions. Don’t just see where the shot ends up — find out what that guy did to get it there.  Brandon tries to learn everything he can from everyone he plays. Above all else, though, make sure you are having fun — that’s what it’s all about!

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