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Our next bio features one of the very best in the game — Chris Litzinger from Cincinnati!  Litz is currently living in College Corner, Ohio, playing at Deano’s CC tavern uptown.

Litz is a Grand Savannah banger, averaging about -24.5 there.  He also averages about -24 on Woodland, -23 on BH, -24 on Sunny, and -27 on Bonnie — very impressive.  These scores are worth a 2nd or 3rd place average in live contests, so Litz is certainly profitable when he plays!

Litz has been playing Golden Tee competitively for 9 years.  He plays A LOT — roughly 300-400 games per week and roughly 400 CTTP contests a week — wow!

When asked the point at which he turned the corner to becoming a great player, Litz recalled the time in Memphis in 2001 when he handed Chris Eversole his first tournament match loss in 5 tournaments!  He was at the time the best player in the world, and Litz beat him handily!  Eversole ultimately came back to double-dip him in the finals, leaving Litz with second, but he realized then that he could play the game as well as anyone.  Since then, he has had an
impressive tournament resume.

So how did Litz get so good at this game?  Well, he played in college at Saint Louis University, and while playing in a local bar, a player pointed him in the direction of Jimmy Parker (St. Louis), and they met.  Parker taught him the ins and outs of the game and how to make money on monthly tournaments, and sooner or later Litz was beating him on a regular basis and traveling to national tournaments with him!

What Golden Tee accomplishments are you most proud of?

Litz has many impressive accomplishments on his resume.  He is most proud of his run in 2006 of 5 straight tournament wins: Frozen Open, Indy Open, NIV, Wisconsin, and the super bowl tournament in Chicago.  He has also won a wave runner and a trip to Hawaii in various vendor tournaments!  Finally, he is proud of his 3 Team USA appearances, with his best finish last year at 3rd place with a loss to Thor.

Litz has many more memorable Golden Tee moments, including:
— Losing to Haas at the Chicago Open in 2003 and his biggest tournament paycheck at the time  — $2500.
— Sinking the putt to win the NIV (his favorite tourney) twice.
— Making Team USA for the first time ever in 2003, and a group hug with Tony Johnson and Will Sandstead from Minnesota after watching the leaderboard finalize to see if they made the team.
— Getting interviewed by ESPN at the 2008 World Championships in Las Vegas!

When asked what makes him so unique as a GT regular, Litz noted that he is probably most known for being a solid match play player.  He doesn’t make a lot of mistakes, and he is good at handling pressure.  He has won over 10 tournaments over the years due to that in part.  He also guesses he is known for “pointing” a lot and holing out a lot, which makes him very good at CTTP!  His highest points game was 156,000+ on Misty Springs against Matt Estepp (Chicago) in a money game…poor guy!  Most people would just say he plays a LOT and has a pretty good consistent average in daily prize play.

Here’s the best advice Litz can offer up for us amateurs trying to get better:

  • I guess I would say play with players who are better than you and try to learn as much as you can.  The moment you think you know it all is the moment you will ultimately plateau in skill level and you won’t get any better.
  • Most players have their own unique style of shot-making and decision making and I try to be a melting pot of shots that I have learned from everyone.  That’s what I recommend…while developing your own unique style, try to absorb others’ approaches and use what works — there is no real right/wrong way to shoot good scores…as long as you do shoot them!
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