Avoid two-step swings

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It’s must easier to predict the path of the ball in Golden Tee when you just crank the trackball forward. Pulling the ball back when you don’t really need to can cause the ball to take an undesirable route, getting you in trouble.  The tip for smart play is to avoid the backswing if it can help keep you safe!

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  1. Baxter had this helpful comment to add:

    Just hitting the trackball forward is a decent way to maintain the right line, but you cost yourself quite a few yards in the process. You’ll never improve if you are only using half of a swing and you’ll wind up frustrated quite a bit.

    Instead of avoiding the backswing altogether, focus on pulling back on the ball and hitting through on the same line. Think about how you would shoot a bow and arrow. That’s the easiest way I know to explain aiming your shots (without any cut). Don’t yank the ball back. Do it smooth and consistent. Use your middle finger as an aiming guide (I do this and it suits me fine.) If the middle finger aiming doesn’t work, find something that does. It’s all about preference and your comfort zone.

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