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Golden Tee tips tricks Take an extra clubSometimes you’re in between clubs during a round of Golden Tee and have to decide whether to crank past its limits or let off on one that flies farther. The safe play is to take the extra club and don’t hit all of it. A good tip is to err on the side of too much club rather than not enough, especially if there’s trouble in front!

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  1. Baxter had this helpful comment to add:

    A lot of people have trouble taking a little power off of a longer club. They may just hit a lazy shot and wind up worse off than hitting a shorter club a bit harder. The safer choice can depend on what club/ball combo you are using. If a 5-iron may come up a little short, a 3-iron may go too long. From my experience, I can thumb a 3-iron and back it up to about 177 yards, give or take depending on wind, slope, elevation, etc. There are times when 177 or more will be too long and end with a water ball. You can cut the shot to reduce the distance, but many average players haven’t advanced in the game that far. A good example hole would be Summit #12.

  2. Pulling a club back to around the waist line and swinging with the standard force will cut the shot back around 50% distance. Pulling the club back to where the hands are at the shoulder will cut the shot back around 25%. Thus, a 200 yard 3 iron will land around 100 yards from the waist and around 150 yards from the shoulders. Every player should practice this to find the exact location for their clubs and speed, but it’s a starting point. This works relatively the same for all clubs, even the L wedge from the sand. Most important thing to remember when doing this is to allow the short swing to do the work, DON’T reduce your forward swing power, else you’ll find more water than you have balls for.

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