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Here’s another tip submitted by Baxter:

Another thing I do is try to play the course the same way each time. Obviously I’ll have to adjust depending on what tee box or green is in use on that particular hole, but there are a lot of holes that will play the same way regardless of tee/green/pin location. Just be consistent. There is no need to get crazy on a hole that doesn’t require it. Keep it simple. If you find a way that works for you, make a mental note of it and try it again next round. With enough play, you’ll begin to learn what shots work well for you and what doesn’t. If you pay attention, you’ll find yourself hitting to the same area on identical setups.

The course will be different almost every time, but learning the safe/smart places to play your tee shots, you can then worry more about making the shot from the fairway than about the water or any other obstacle.

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  1. Just wanted to add that playing what i call sobe safe is ok if your looking to shot between 15 and 18 under, But if you want to hit the big scores my best is 27 under you have to go for some of the shots, and always look for a short cuts ,There out there . But always remember if your not comfortable taking a risky shot then you probably should not take it.

  2. One definition of insanity is repeatedly doing the same thing and expecting a different result. If you’re getting the results you want, that’s great, otherwise, maybe try another type of shot or club. I use FTX clubs and was consistently frustrated that the 3 iron was too long and the 5 iron was too short for some shots. After many dollars lost, I broke the mold to learn how to shoot both a shorter 3 iron and a longer 5 iron. That alone raised my score by 3 strokes per round, simply by allowing me to make the green or gives me a shorter / makeable putt.

  3. Sobe safe and insane, huh? I’ve got a few -30’s to my credit. The purpose of what was posted is to help a new player, not someone who has been playing for years. Simple little things like that will help the new player. Instead of bashing the ball out in the fairway as far as possible, they’ll learn to play for position so there won’t be any tweeners or other issues to worry about.

    All but one of the -30’s I’ve shot were playing quite conservatively.

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