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I was skeptical of this for a long time, but I finally decided to give it a try during a round of Golden Tee Live just a couple weeks ago. The theory here, as supported by Golden Tee master Steve Sobe, is that you have better control of your putts by pulling back on the trackball and creating a backswing before you follow through. I’m still a rookie at this, but I’ll be damned if I didn’t sink nearly every putt using that style for a whole round!

For putting in Golden Tee, a backswing just didn’t seem necessary. Since you can’t create hook or slice, why pull back? Well, that’s one of the reasons that you should! You don’t have to worry about pulling back exactly to B — just pull the thing back. Then, as you follow through to your line, it seems like your putts are more “true,” and the cup seems to suck up the ball much more often!

This method works especially well for me on long, sloped putts. You don’t have to worry as much about speed (just follow through smoothly), and I think it even takes some break out of the putt! You’ll probably be scared to try it, like I was at first, but try it for a round and see if you knock a couple strokes off your score!

Try pulling the ball back on an angle directly in line with the break of the green. For example: a left 5 putt – pull the ball back a little left and try hitting on the same line you think the break will be. This will help on both left and right putts. Anything over down 5 or more always pull the ball back to the C and go an extra degree out farther.

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  1. TigerWho had this comment to add:

    When pulling back for a putt, I believe C-3 does make a difference. Now i know that’s up for debate, but I’ve found it works for me. Also, I agree that by pulling back it takes some of the immediate break off the ball.

  2. I’ve got to say this was a great tip. I’ve since hit a 127 footer, a 42 yarder from the fringe, and even nailed an Up 4/Left 10 from 62 feet. The last one was pure luck, but I never would have had the distance on those putts if I just thumbed it.

  3. Thanks to TigerWho for adding more helpful comments to this section:

    Heres the facts on putting for GT LIVE. Since i believe putting has gotten
    alot harder then ever before here are some tips i caught onto. Sobe showed me that
    by pulling back to C it stops alot of putts from lipping out. Another advantage to
    pulling back your putter is that you take alot of the break out of the slope.One
    thing i use as a go by is the letters in front of the ball,(FORWARD SWING) Say you
    have a left 6 up 3 for me i would aim at the R depending on the distance it changes
    but once you get used to it you will come to depend on it.Another issue is when to
    putt? Say your off the green but the whole is only 10 feet away, now if your in the
    dark rough you would want to chip, i prefer the 7 iron for these shots almost every
    time as long as the yardage is with in 45 yards.Now say your in the light green
    rough then go ahead and pull back your putter to C and fire away .Ive played
    against all the good players around me ( i live in dayton so theres alot of them,go
    to deans to find the best in my area)
    But as i do most of them putt with there thumbs and i believe it lets you pin
    point your putt.specially the longer putts. Well i hope some of the tips helps
    your readers with there game.Time to go get a few holes in!

  4. No need to ever pullback a putt. (unless its 145 foot or something. Cause you can only hit about 142 without pulling back) Except for the downhill rollover putts. Just putt how you feel lets you make more. Its all about rhythm and repetition.

  5. I just sank a 168ft. putt WoW iam amazed

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