Curving putts with your follow through

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On my home edition, I have an older trackball, and it works for me.  I don’t lose any distance, but it can affect the break on my putts vs. a smoother trackball.

What I observe sometimes is that when I miss putts on the low side, it’s due to my hand action on the follow through, which tries to curve the ball towards the hole.  In other words, if a putt breaks left, I’ll hit the trackball out right but have a bit of a left-curving follow-through on the putt since I know I want the ball to break left.  This can inadvertently lead to mishits on putts where I don’t actually hit it as far right as I intended.  So while there is no actual curving action, I have subconsciously hit the putt farther left than intended.

To compensate, and what I believe is the behavior to imitate, you should focus on a straight follow-through with your putts.  Extend your hand forward on the line where you want the ball to start, and try not to curve your hand in towards the hole on your putt.

I’m sure this is not an issue with most players, but it’s something I noticed in my game that I’ve been trying to correct, so I wanted to share!

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