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Golden Tee tips tricks Downhill puttsThese can be downright scary. Sometimes if you miss a downhill putt in Golden Tee, your ball will carry all the way off the green, and sometimes even into sand or the water! You want to putt with confidence, but if you miss, you surely want to have a putt back up the hill at the hole.

Contrary to uphill putts, the side slope on downhill putts affects the ball less. So, the best tip here is if you have a 2-degree slope to the right on a downhill putt, you can play it as if the slope were only 1-degree (I’d play about half as much slope as I’d play the same shot on level ground).

As mentioned above, the worst thing that can happen is you putting the ball all the way off the green. I don’t like to hit downhill putts very hard at all, and I don’t recommend it either – I try to feel out the side slope and finesse the ball in the hole. I might miss an extra putt per round by playing soft, but I could also save several strokes by keeping it on the green for the return putt back uphill, if needed.

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  1. […] of course, is that you can blow the ball way by the hole if you do miss the putt (see section on “Downhill Putts”, especially). Or, you might not be as accurate in your direction if you try to putt it too […]

  2. Rizzo2 uses this method for downhill putts, although it’s still considered a myth:

    If you have a severe down slope (7 or more) you can pull the putter back all the way to A or C to avoid lip outs.

  3. Sobe should me the samething and im a believer of it. but you still want to use a little finess.Also remember that the ball doesnt brake anything like and up hill putt. Down hill putts brake very slowly depending on your speed.

  4. I have tested your theory of a downhill putt break being less than an uphill putt. Maybe if you are using super strong thumbs it’s true, but otherwise, it’s just isn’t true. This is the only tip I’ve seen on the website that isn’t correct.

  5. Well I’ll still defend this one to the death, because I know it to be true when I’m playing. It’s pretty clear to me that a 30-foot putt, up 8, right 3 is going to break MUCH more than a 30-foot putt, down 8, right 3. I’ll play hardly any break at all on the downhill putt, but I crank the uphill putt hard and quite a bit more left. And it makes sense too, because uphill putts slow down as they approach the hole, hence more break. I don’t see how anyone could disagree with this situation, because it’s definitely true from my experience.

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