Fringe putts

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Golden Tee tips tricks Fringe puttsThese can be very frustrating. If you’re barely on the fringe in Golden Tee and don’t have a very long putt, you can usually use your putter to get out and at the cup. Fringe not only slows down your ball a lot, but it also increases the effect of the green slope. If you’re putting out of the fringe from 20-feet away with a 3-degree break, it’s going to look like a 5 or 6-degree break once it gets to the hole. The fringe slows down the putt significantly, which causes the slope to have more affect on the break. So, a good tip I always use is to hit fringe putts very hard and play slightly more break.

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  1. Finge Putt,

    I was told by a top player that putting roll (tapping the shot button twice) will allow for a truer line coming off the fringe. I always use it and it appears to work well.

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