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Some greens in Golden Tee are so large that you can leave yourself with a literally unmakeable putt.  So what is the cutoff distance?  I’ve found that it’s right about 145 feet.  Anything longer, and you cannot get the ball to the hole, no matter how hard you hit it.  Keep this in mind if you’re trying to reach the green from a lengthy distance — you’re better off leaving yourself a chip so that you actually have some chance of making it!

Note that some balls (such as Streaks) do putt a bit farther, extending this distance.  Also note that my test above was on a flat green.  For downhill putts, you can also extend the max distance.  And of course for uphill putts, you won’t be able to hit as far.

Finally, some players are just able to hammer the trackball harder than others, which may get you a few extra feet!

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  1. Is that 145 feet on a flat green or downhill?

  2. Flat, although you make a good point. I wonder how far you can hit an uphill or downhill putt…let me check that out as well.

  3. fyi I’ve got a 147.5 foot putt. I think 150 is the flat max. I’ve looked around your site and don’t see anything about the putters of the different sets. Do any of them make any difference at all? Can any of them putt further than others? I love GoldenTee so much I sharpie t-shirts with GoldenTee commentator sayings on them when I go to play. Thanks, Joe Taylor.

  4. 148.17 feet on a right 3 green, full hammer.

  5. Hit a 153 ft. putt downhill (152.60) Rocky Hollow Hole #11.

    Max distance the ball travels downhill is 153 ft in PGA tour edition with a Breeze ball.

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