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Golden Tee off-center puttingEvery now and then while playing Golden Tee Live, I’ll come across a situation on the green where the hole doesn’t exactly match up in a straight line with my putter. Consequently, if I don’t notice this and simply putt based on the slope of the green, I might miss a putt that otherwise would have been made. I don’t know if this feature was meant to be built into Golden Tee, but I do notice it sometimes.

The putting tip here is to pay attention not only to the slope of the green, but where exactly the hole is positioned in-line with your putter. For straight putts, always follow through directly at the hole on your screen to ensure more successful putts! For sloped putts, you may want to play more or less break depending on the alignment also.

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  1. I’ve found that this post doesn’t make sense to most people, but I noticed this again just last night. What I see sometimes is that the cup is not dead-straight ahead of your ball on the screen. It seems as if it’s sometimes a quarter-inch left or right, and if I don’t compensate for that slightly, I might miss. I could very well be crazy, but let me know if you ever notice it!

  2. you ARE crasey. like a fox!
    mabey you’re screen is messed up cuz the owner is a goof
    have heem fix before you find new place

  3. Well I’m going to remove this post in a little while, because no one knows what I’m talking about! I’ll have to show someone sometime what I’m seeing so people stop thinking I’m crazy!

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