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No one area can frustrate you more than missing putts. In Golden Tee, if you hit the green, you’re expected to be able to make the putt. Really, you’re expected to be able to make almost all putts on the green, but most of us aren’t that consistently good. This section contains some tips to help you sink more putts.

Keep in mind that putting can be very mental. I’ve found a couple things help: first, don’t think too much. Find the line, get over the putt and hit it. Second, if you do start thinking, remember a time you made a similar putt. Keep that positive thought instead of remembering all the times you missed it.

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  1. Do you want to have a little fun with your friends? Try this one!!! If you are within 2 yards of the cup, turn right one click, then spin the trackball backwards towards the ‘A’, get it spinning good then step back and watch. As the ball begins to stop spinning, the club will slowly move forward AND TOO THE LEFT and shoots softly into the cup. You must turn to the right, otherwise, you’ll miss to the left. For some reason, this doesn’t work spinning to the ‘C’

  2. This is a great, fun tip — I just gave it a try, but it didn’t work. I wonder if it has to do with the trackball on that specific machine?

  3. Nope, yours will do it too. You just have to pull back the putter first. (he forgot to tell you that part). Also, make sure you’re about 2 feet away or closer, not 2 yards. Or you’ll be buying shots for a missed putt! Roflmao!

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