Is that “straight” putt really straight?

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With experience, most of us become pretty good putters.  We have a handle on how much break to play from different distances, and we don’t often miss putts.  If you’re at this stage, there’s another important hint to learn if you haven’t discovered this already.

Let’s say you have a 50-foot putt, Up 5.  You ram it straight ahead, but somehow you miss just left.  To this point, you may have just shaken it off and assumed you didn’t hit the ball as straight as you thought, but in reality, there might have been some break there that you didn’t see.

Here’s what you do: first, take into account the break when lined up with the hole.  Let’s stick with our 50-foot, Up 5 example.  Now, turn your golfer once to the left.  From here, we see there’s an additional break of Left 2.  Now go back and turn your golfer one turn to the right of the hole.  From here, we see it’s still just Up 5.

Hmm — so what does this tell us?  It means that there is actually a little break to the left, even though it’s not reflected when you’re lined up straight!  What you do is average out the breaks you see when turning once left and turning once right.  So in this case, you have to figure that there’s actually additional break of Left 1 on this putt, and you should aim just slightly to the right on your putt.

This practice is most important on uphill putts, because the slope right or left is magnified with uphill putts since your ball is slowing down as it nears the hole.

I’m in the habit of doing this almost all the time on putts outside 30 feet or so.  It doesn’t cost you anything, and it can certainly save you some strokes!

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  1. I wish IT would come up with a left 0.5 or something like that just to save time and to let me know there is a slight break on this put.But that would make it to easy then I guess.

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