Uphill putts

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Golden Tee tips tricks Uphill puttsBreak is amplified on uphill putts in Golden Tee, mostly because the upward slope slows the ball down as it approaches the cup. For uphill putts with some break to either side, a great tip is to anticipate more break than you’d see on a level putt with the same side slope. When executing uphill putts of 40-feet or more, that 2-degree break will definitely act more like a 4-degree break, especially as it gets close to the hole.

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  1. Rizzo2 uses this method on uphill putts, although it’s still considered a myth:

    On longer, uphill puts you can click the spin button twice (creating roll) so you can get to the hole.

  2. ryan m agrees, however, adding this:

    I put topspin on almost all of my putts…

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