How Great Shot Points are calculated

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Ever wonder how GSPs are calculated? All I used to know is that if I hole out from 300 yards, I get 30,0xx GSPs, but where does the xx come in? Fractions of a yard? Possibly I guess.

More importantly, I wondered how they were calculated when you land within 5 feet, let’s say from 300 yards? Probably something to do with starting at 30,000 points and then deducting based on distance from the pin…

Well, our buddy Skipper put together an entire grid so that you can look up how many GSPs you’ll get in any given situation!  Click here to open the spreadsheet and take a look at the grid.

And here’s another note — it measures how far the ball traveled from point A to point B.  So if you backspin the ball in the cup, you’ll get a few more GSPs than if you rolled it in (due to the width of the cup).  Also, and probably more importantly, if you backspin the ball to within 5 feet, you’ll get a handful more GSPs than if you rolled it up to within 5 feet, because that’s 10 more feet of total travel distance.

Just another fun fact that you can use to impress your friends!

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