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The following statistics are tracked for each player during a live round of Golden Tee, and the leaderboard will show what player had the best/most of something on that specific machine.

Longest Drive
Longest Putt
Most Birdies
Most Eagles or Better
Driving Accuracy
Greens in Regulation

Great Shot Points
Great Shot Points are awarded for just that. If you’re 80 yards or more out and land a shot within 5 feet of the hole, you get a certain number of GSPs. You also get a big amount of GSPs by holing out from anywhere outside 25 yards. Great Shot Points are one of the statistics kept by the game for each player to have played a specific course on that specific machine. If you accumulate the most GSPs for a particular course, you’ll see your name on the leader board!

Golden Tee Points
Golden Tee Points are also accumulated for each player on each course as you’re playing a live event. The breakdown of GTPs is as follows:

Triple Eagle – 2500
Double Eagle – 1500
Hole in One – 1000
Eagle – 250
Birdie – 100
Sand Save – 75
Par – 50
Green Hit – 50
Great Shot Points – 1 point for every 100 Great Shot Points
Driving Distance – 1 point for every 10 yards for drives (in the fairway only)
Putting Distance – 1 point for every foot for made putts

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  1. What is the signifigance of golden tee points and great shot points?

  2. Well one reason to get excited about them is that it’s a statistic stored on each particular machine, so you can get your name in lights if you happen to score the most GSPs or GTPs on any course!

    But, the other reason is for tiebreakers in contests. If we both shoot -15 but I have more Great Shot Points than you, I get the higher rank in the contest. This comes into play all the time. And if somehow you happen to tie in GSPs (like if both players shoot the same -15 with 0 GSPs), then Golden Tee Points serve as the next tiebreaker for rank! So, they are important and can mean the difference between a 20th place finish for $1 or a 21st place finish for nothing!

  3. Note that the 1000 for a HIO is in addition to the GTP for eagle thru “Triple eagle”.

  4. I saw a game recently where someone had like 41000 GSP’s. How is that even possible in a daily tournament?

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