The numbers behind Great Shot Points (GSPs)

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Shotties.  Greaties.  Whatever you call them, they are your reward for sticking one close, and they are the tiebreaker in those live contests.  You probably have a rough idea how they are calculated, but we’re going to break it down into nauseating detail for you.

Hole-outs are easiest to understand.  Any hole out of 25 yards or more gets shotties.  Your distance in terms of yards times 100 is your reward in GSPs.

Let’s talk about putts.  Putts over 25 yards do NOT gain you GSPs.  However, all made putts that result in a double eagle DO gain you GSPs.  Convert your putt distance to yards and multiply by 100 — you won’t get much, but driving the green on a par 5 and putting in for albatross is definitely point-worthy.

Now, without holing out, the ball has to travel roughly 80 yards from the lie where you hit to get shotties, and the ball has to be within 6 feet.  You’ve noticed that any time you are on the green and the screen says 5 feet away (and you were 80 yards out), you get points.  But if the screen reads 6 feet away, you get nothing.

Let’s complicate things some more.  You could actually be 79 yards from the hole, and if the ball stops up to 3-5+ feet past the hole, you’d get shotties for the ball traveling 80 yards. Conversely, you could be 81 yards from the hole and have the ball stop 3-5+ feet short of the hole, and you wouldn’t get shotties because the ball’s total distance from where you hit was less than 80 yards.

So for non-holeouts, how can you figure your points?  We’ve got a couple ways to figure that:

1) Want a formula?  Here’s how you can calculate the points you’ve earned:
GSPs = ShotDistanceToPin*(100-(1+1/60)*InchesFromPin)

2) Want a grid?  Open this sheet and find your yardage across the top, distance from the hole down the side, and expected GSPs in that cell.

Special thanks to Skipper Horner and others in the GT Community for their input on this one!

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  1. Note that in Golden Tee Fore! distance from the hole is measured from the edge of the hole (not the flagstick, as in LIVE), so you could have shots on the green zero to 4 inches from the hole.

  2. Any touraments in Texas let me know. Going to Stats Bar in Tomball this May 16-18th.


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