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Black Hills Breakdown — Golden Tee 2009

By • Updated: Aug 3rd, 2019 • Category: Black Hills

This section breaks down how to play each hole at Golden Tee’s Black Hills, in Keystone, South Dakota.  Check back soon to see how this course and specific holes rates difficulty-wise among all the 2009 courses! Check back here and learn even more tips and tricks, and how to play from each of the tee boxes […]

Black Hills — Hole #5: Par 4

By • Updated: Aug 2nd, 2019 • Category: Black Hills

Here is a really, really tough par 4, and it’s only the 5th hole!  Sometimes, this can set up where you can line up towards the pin and carry a wood over the trees to the green.  But, you have to be dead on if you attempt this, because everywhere off the green is trouble.  […]

Black Hills — Hole #13: Par 5

By • Updated: Feb 25th, 2017 • Category: Black Hills

The safe play is around the trees and hill, but you’ll almost certainly need 3 shots into the green this way, and what fun is that anyway? I’ve found a couple options for getting there in two, and they require some luck.  If you have a closer tee box, aim at the elevated hill across […]

Black Hills — Hole #15: Par 4

By • Updated: Feb 25th, 2017 • Category: Black Hills

Welcome to The Falls!  I almost wish this hole hadn’t won the “Design a Hole” contest, because although it looks really cool, it’s really tough!  I’m still finding myself in the waterfall way too often, and that water is lethal — it sucks your ball right down into the river, and you get a penalty. […]