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The Missouri Open from an Amateur’s Perspective

By • Updated: Feb 25th, 2017 • Category: Features, Miscellaneous

Well I’m back from the 3rd official Golden Tee Tournament in which I participated! Following is a summary of how things shook down for me, and then I’ll list off some new lessons learned from tournament play! This event took place at Teachers Billiards, a sports bar/pool hall in the suburb of St. Peters, west […]

Animals, Aliens, and Bigfoot found throughout Golden Tee!

By • Updated: Feb 25th, 2017 • Category: Miscellaneous

This post is dedicated to the fun creatures that the Golden Tee folks have thrown into the game for your viewing pleasure if your ball happens to end up some place far from where you need to be! Borrowed from an original post on the ITS Golden Tee Forum, here is where you’ll find all […]

Holiday Give-Away Codes!!!

By • Updated: Dec 15th, 2016 • Category: Customize your golfer, Miscellaneous

Enter each of the following codes up to 4 times to collect all the available gear for the holiday outfit! St. Patrick’s Day – 07FEED0317 and 1703170317 and 2403170317 and 3503170317 Christmas – 0333333333 and 3812252014 and 4812252015 Winter Holiday Gear – 1412252010 and 2312252012 and 5112252016 Halloween – 04B0000000 and 18B0000002 and 30B0002013 and 37B0002015 and 50B0002017 New Year’s Day […]

Golden Tee Unplugged!

By • Updated: Aug 6th, 2012 • Category: 2008 - Golden Tee 2008 Unplugged, 2009 - Golden Tee 2009 Unplugged, 2010 - Golden Tee 2010 Unplugged, 2011 - Golden Tee 2011 Unplugged, 2011 - Golden Tee 2012 Home Edition

In 2008, Golden Tee started releasing non-LIVE versions of the game for non-commercial purchase, so that anyone who really wanted a version of the game to buy for their home could play the same courses that you see out at the bar! Golden Tee 2008 Unplugged   Golden Tee 2009 Unplugged     Golden Tee […]

GTF 2011 — Behind the Scenes

By • Updated: Nov 6th, 2011 • Category: 2010 - Golden Tee LIVE 2011, Features, Miscellaneous

You won’t find any tips in this article, but I thought it’d be fun to share the process that GTF goes through when preparing for a year of new courses and new features! First, I soak up all the teasers and previews that start coming out 2-3 months before the release date.  I like to […]

Drive gets stuck on a flying bird!

By • Updated: Aug 17th, 2011 • Category: Miscellaneous

This one you have to see to believe.  Enjoy! The drive The recovery

Sign Up for League Play on the GTF Tour!

By • Updated: Jul 25th, 2011 • Category: Contests and prizes, Features, Upcoming Tournaments

It’s happened to all of us — we pay that extra dollar to give Prize Play a shot, shoot a great score of about 5 strokes better than average, but still end up out of luck in 21st place.  Wouldn’t you like a chance to have your handicapped scores pitted against others with a REAL […]

Rotating your golfer

By • Updated: Dec 24th, 2010 • Category: Miscellaneous

Just a quick fact to file away for you here — it takes 32 turns to complete a full 360-degree rotation of your golfer, so that means that each turn is worth 11.25 degrees.  Now you know!

Master the “In Between”

By • Updated: Jun 19th, 2010 • Category: Approach shots with irons, Features

It happens every round — you’ve put yourself in a situation where clubbing down and hammering a shot won’t quite get there, but clubbing up and hitting a smooth thumb shot goes too far.  I think this is one area where the casual player can make big gains on the scoreboard with a little smarts […]

Dominate the Skins Game

By • Updated: Mar 30th, 2010 • Category: Features, Improvement, Miscellaneous

Alright – we’re quite a ways into 2010, and maybe you’re looking to expand your Golden Tee experience beyond stroke play.  Maybe you and your friends are ready to quit worrying about the blowup holes that ruin your round.  Maybe you are ready to put your focus on each hole individually instead of your score […]

The Missouri Open – Lessons Learned

By • Updated: May 5th, 2009 • Category: Features, Miscellaneous

With this being the 3rd tourney in which I’ve participated, I should know better than to make some of the mistakes that I did. In this post I’ll break those down and give you the advice so that you may be able to avoid some of them when you get into a tournament! 1) Get […]

Super Albatross!

By • Updated: Dec 13th, 2008 • Category: Miscellaneous

For those of you who have never seen a Super Albatross (hole-in-one on a par 5), we’ve got video of one! I have gotten one on Bayou Bay last year but was not able to capture a picture, so here you go — this one is from the 2007 course Glacier Ranch!

Quirky pics from Golden Tee 2009!

By • Updated: Dec 13th, 2008 • Category: Miscellaneous

I’ll continue to compile any funny pics you guys send me in this section — a new set of courses brings a new set of quirky pics! Here is the infamous GT pisser getting WAY too comfortable with the golfer, courtesy of Dannyboy! Another from Dannyboy features Eversol…a unich? Check out this sick look Dannyboy […]

Golden Tee Difficulty Levels!

By • Updated: Oct 6th, 2008 • Category: Miscellaneous

You learn something new each day.  Golden Tee has 5 levels of difficulty, from 1 being the easiest to 5 being the hardest.  If you own or play the offline version of the game, you can have the difficulty level set at whatever you want!  Be careful braving level 5, though — I hear all […]

Other quirky pics

By • Updated: Sep 21st, 2008 • Category: Miscellaneous

The other picture section was getting quite large, so here’s another collection of quirky pics! First, let’s watch a little slideshow of Dannyboy sinking! Watch his shoes and feet disappear into the ground! Where’s the hole? There it is! Congrats Dannyboy on reaching exactly 10,000 GSPs! Trojan Man managed to get his ball to levitate […]

Eagle Crest Trivia Facts!

By • Updated: Sep 21st, 2008 • Category: Miscellaneous

Thanks to Design Master Randy Christopher for supplying us with all the fun facts below! Hole #1 There are 2 porta-potties to the left of the green in the woods. Hit the out house and you’ll hear 1) “A fart, a burp and “Come Back Later”” 2) “A fart, a burp and “Oh, bad tacos”” […]