Hitting through trees

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Golden Tee tips tricks Hitting through treesYes, you’ll get to try this sometimes in Golden Tee too! If there’s a forest of tall trees in front of you, but the branches don’t hang low and you see an opening between trunks, a good tip might be to shoot through them! Remember, the direction you shoot the ball forward is the direction the ball starts traveling in, so regardless of the backswing, always follow through towards the gap you’re trying to get through.

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  1. The accuracy of this post is debatable, but it’s intended to help get you out of the trees with possibly a green hit and putt. If you are only going to hit 1 set of leaves, go up in your club distance approx. 50 yards beyond the spot where you are aiming. If you are going through 2 sets of trees, go up in you club distance approx. 100 beyond. This doesn’t work if you hit a branch or trunk, only leaves. One of my favorite short cuts is going through the trees off the tee box to get that eagle short on some par 5’s. Hole #4 on Eagle Crest is a perfect example.

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