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The Frozen Tundra

Tundra Peak

Mt. Everest, Nepal

Abundant snow is Par for the course in this elevation. With so much white stuff around, you’ll wish your ball was equipped with its own Tracker. By the time you get to the 18th hole, it’ll appear as if you need to launch your ball into Orbit. Hopefully you Stick the green instead of watching your ball Hurtle back down the mountain!




Great Expectations

The Great Wall

Mutianyu, China

Howitzers are certain to project over any walls in your way. China is also the king of Iron production, so your equipment will feel right at home.



pearl lagoon

The Pearl of the Orient

Pearl Lagoon

Sirinat, Thailand

Break open the oysters! The lagoon is gorgeous, but the course can give you the Yips; your best Caddie here may be a Water Filter.





Kangaroo Care

Kangaroo Trail

Alice Springs, Australia

Serious Backspin can be your friend here as you Old Skool Rap around this classic course. Kangaroos are nature’s most famous Bounders, but get too close and you’ll see the ‘roos Hightail it out of there. Do Drop bears really exist? In any case, you should also be able to catch abundant Peregrines flying about the country!




Under the Tahitian Sun

Tahiti Cove

Taverea, Tahiti

Shooting Flares won’t bring you relief here in the middle of the South Pacific, but you shouldn’t have to worry about incoming Torpedos on this tour. The original lava course will also satisfy the Pyros out there!

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