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Golden Tee tips tricks Rule to remember trackballFirst, you’ll always have the shot types and how to execute them right in front of you on the control panel on Golden Tee, so you don’t have to memorize how to shoot all these shots. Experience will also play a major role in your comfort level with the execution of these shots.

Secondly, I came across a great tip that goes a long way towards trackball advice. Basically, you want to pull the ball back towards where you want the ball to end up, and you want to shoot forward towards where you want the ball to start. So for an A1 shot, as you are pulling back towards A, visualize the ball ending up in a straight line out from A to 3 (which would be roughly 45 degrees to the right). And as you shoot forward towards 1, the ball will start off in that direction (roughly 45 degrees to the left).

Play around with the angles as you get more experience with these shots. For instance, if you need a small hook to the left and want to start the ball off just a little to the right, pull the ball back between B and C and shoot it forward between 2 and 3. It’s all about learning just how much hook will do the job for the shot you need!

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  1. The Dank added this comment, along the same lines:

    Long ago folks used to say, “pull the ball back the angle you want your ball to land. go forward the angle you want your ball to leave the tee.”

  2. thank you the” great tip” made me from -9 to -14 makes more sense to me now thanks again

  3. Best “basics” tip I have run across! Good Stuff

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