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When pulling back towards A or C, sometimes the Golden Tee machine thinks you want to change clubs. The tip here is to pull the ball back slowly and make sure it keeps the club you want. As soon as your club is pulled all the way back, you can always apply more angle at that point if you want! Keep pulling the trackball back until you are comfortable with the angle you’ve chosen.

Also, make sure your golfer’s backswing doesn’t move forwards a little bit. Sometimes you’ll see the club drop-down, creating a partial backswing. If you hit forward at this point, your ball won’t go as far, since the machine doesn’t think you took a full backswing.

If you are changing clubs, make sure the machine doesn’t accidentally begin your backswing! If you see your club start to come back, rotate right or left to reset your golfer.

Take note of the club that the machine selects for you before your shot. If you’re hitting over a hill and it gives you a club that lands you well short of the green, it may be telling you that picking a longer club won’t clear the hill!

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